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"At the end of the age of Pisces, during the period of transition mankind has been given a universal Teaching providing man with a clear understanding of his own nature and the nature of the world in which he lives..."


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"God is able to adjust to any way of thinking, and He gave to Western man that which he needed—the name that constitutes the exhaustive definition of the Godhead...."


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"When a man says “I” he usually means his physical body plus the thoughts and feelings that he perceives as his own. Such an approach misses the main point—the awareness of the Presence of God that is individualized for each soul and constitutes an integral part of each one’s being..."

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"—Because they have deprived themselves of this opportunity—fortunately, not forever...."

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"Really, it would be extremely unfair to give the gift of free will to a man, thereby exposing him to the danger of incorrect actions, and then punish him for his mistakes without providing an opportunity for atonement..."

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"Two thousand years have passed, and the time has come for a man on earth to take the responsibility for his own karma. Is he able to do this?  – Yes, he is. And even more than that, he must do it. This is exactly what Jesus’ teaching was about..."

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"The Ascended Masters belong to the Cosmic Hierarchy of Light that is the universal chain of beings each of whom embodies a certain aspect of the consciousness of God...."


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"...even as physical light passing through a prism refracts into seven spectral colors, the pure light of the consciousness of God gaining definiteness in the world of plurality manifests as seven Rays which are seven aspects of the consciousness of God...."

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"It would be too naïve to presume that he came to teach people how to get diamonds out of the air or how to transform led into gold. This becomes absolutely clear when you open the book “Saint Germain on Alchemy” and see the subheading: “The Science of Self-transformation”...

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"You will know the true Freedom of those whose sight is no longer obscured by the illusions of human creation because they have replaces those illusions with the Reality of their True Divine Being..."

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