Madame du Hausset, lady of chamber to the Marquise de Pompadour, relates in her memoirs that one day the King of France showed a second quality diamond to Saint Germain and asked if Monsieur le Comte could improve it. Saint Germain agreed, and a month later he returned the gem without any flaw in it. This man removed defects of precious stones, transformed dry twigs into blossoming trees and transmuted cheap metals into gold.

He was an alchemist. What does this mean?

First of all, it is necessary to note that Saint Germain could perform all these wonders so easily because he was an Ascended Master in physical embodiment. It was that rarest case when an ascended being who had already passed to the octaves of Light was allowed to descend into embodiment on earth once again in order to once again render assistance to mankind.

Thirteen thousand years ago he served as the highest priest of the temple of the sacred fire in Atlantis; he embodied as the prophet Samuel and Saint Joseph, father of Jesus; he also was Merlin—the legendary seer and magician who supported King Arthur in his holy endeavors.  As Christopher Columbus he discovered the American continent, and as Francis Bacon he introduced the  scientific methods  that  led to the creation of the

technologies we enjoy today.  The famous plays known as the works of William Shakespeare were also written by Sir Francis.  He made his ascension on May 1, 1684 and returned to France as Comte de Saint Germain in the second half of the 18th century.

He has been a friend of earth, bringing the light of divine wisdom to mankind, and helping to sustain the burning of God’s flame within their hearts. But in the 21st century his role becomes especially important. April 23, 2002 marked the end of the age of Pisces sponsored by Jesus and the beginning of the age of Aquarius that is sponsored and guided by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

He came, together with the other Masters, at the end of the age of Pisces, at that dramatic moment when the accelerating descent of Karma could flood the planet with oceans of mankind’s negative karma

returning as war, disease, famine, and natural disaster. Just like before the coming of Jesus, the weight of human karma was so great that the survival of mankind was impossible without divine intervention. And so Saint Germain came with his great gift—the gift of divine alchemy.


It would be too naïve to presume that he came to teach people how to get diamonds out of the air or how to transform led into gold. This becomes absolutely clear when you open the book “Saint Germain on Alchemy” and see the subheading: “The Science of Self-transformation”. What he is talking about is the transformation of consciousness, i.e. the transmutation of the corruptible metal of human consciousness into the incorruptible gold of the consciousness of Christ.

The Aquarian age is the age in which we take responsibility for the  karma that Jesus has carried on our behalf for two thousand years.  Before the coming of Saint Germain with his gift of divine alchemy, the only way of balancing karma was to pass all karmic tests. Everyone had to walk their own via dolorosa, or way of sorrows, carrying the self-made cross of his individual karmic burden. Often  the individual’s karmic “debt”

would have to be paid in tears for all tears ever shed through his actions and in suffering for all the pain he had ever caused other.   This way of transmuting karma is still present in life, but the master-alchemist Saint Germain gives us a miraculous means that allows us to transmute considerable layers of our karma even before they come into manifestation as certain negative events in our life.


This wonderful means, this miraculous alchemical elixir given to us by Saint Germain is the violet flame

Violet flame is the flame of the Seventh Ray. It is the energy of the highest level of vibration in the visible spectrum. Violet fire burns through like a laser beam and dissolves all impurity and density that we have created out of the pure light of God sent to us by the crystal cord. Violet flame penetrates into the deepest levels of our electronic belt and frees the energies imprisoned therein, purifies them and returns them to their original pure state.

The electrons in the atoms constituting our bodies are particles of pure light. They remain such as long as the energies descending via the crystal cord remain unchanged. However, when we misuse the Divine Light, the dense darkened energies begin to clog the spaces between the electrons, dimming their light and lowering their vibration. That is how the “concrete” substance preventing us from hovering above the earth is formed. And that is where the violet flame transmutation is needed.

The image on the left shows how the beams of the violet fire penetrate through the density, rarefying it and eliminating the darkness.

The image on the right demonstrates the atom purified by the transmuting action of the alchemical elixir of Saint Germain.

So we see that violet flame is a priceless gift indeed. It is able to change our life drastically. But in order to be able to do its work, it needs to be invoked. There is a special science of invocation known as the Science of the Spoken Word.

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