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As a little child I had the same experience over and over again: at the moment of falling asleep I saw myself as a tiny grain of sand—so tiny that it was almost invisible. The grain remained unthinkably small and at the same time grew enormously large, and I was simultaneously the infinitely large sphere and the infinitely small dot in its center. I never wondered how this might be possible. Young children don't analyze things. They simply “live” them.

In the Soviet Union where I was born one was supposed to be an atheist by default. My soul longed for something that I never dared to name, but such longing was not considered right, so I tried to change to meet the requirements. I thought something was wrong with me.


After five years of study at the university I found it impossible to accomplish my graduate thesis in philosophy. Ultimately I got my degree by writing a formal compilation which was a usual thing to do but kept blaming myself for being so stupid. I was not aware at the time that a negative result was the only possible one within the rational materialistic framework of thinking.

The 1990s brought an opportunity to read books that had not been available before. Reading Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine was the most unusual and exciting experience in my reading career. I devoured the book page after page, section after section, volume after volume, and although I understood very little mentally, it did not feel wrong at all. My soul was happily quenching its long-standing thirst, for it knew and had recognized instantaneously that which my rational mind had never been able to comprehend.

Then there were the books of Agni Yoga and communing with the heart of El Morya through the hearts of the Roerichs. At some point I began to underline the fragments that seemed especially important. As a result, almost all of the text got underlined.

And finally, my first Summit Lighthouse book… It was Saint Germain’s Discourse on Alchemy. I was so impatient that began to read it while walking home from the bookstore. This was neither convenient nor safe, so I sat on a bench in a park and continued reading. That small park was renovated recently, and the old bench upon which I sat has been replaced with a new one, but for me it still remains the special physical place where I was first introduced to the Knight Commander (Saint Germain) and felt the warmth of the hearts of Lanello and Guru Ma (Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet)…

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Svetlana Toukova

The teaching that I discovered answered all of my questions, prompted me to ask more questions, and answered those, too. More than that, I discovered that the teaching given by the Ascended Hosts provides answers to any of the questions an individual or mankind as a whole may face. This is not an exaggeration. This is what practical spirituality is about.

Indeed, there is no more practical being in the universe than God himself. He is the craftsman. Man is a product created by Him. And the Ascended Masters’ Teaching is a user manual enclosed with  the  product.  It  explains  how  the  product is manufactured, how it operates, how it should be maintained, what possible problems are and how they can be fixed. The package even includes a set of instruments to be used for repair. Literally! Although this may seem paradoxical, the fact is that true spirituality that appeals to Absolute Truth turns out to be much more practical than materialism with its hopeless and helpless relativity.

That is why I am convinced that the teaching on the divine nature of man must be taught at schools. That is why I have written this book.

I AM Svetlana Toukova, a freelance translator and Ascended Masters’ student living in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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