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The next chapter explains the creative power of sound and its role in our spiritual work. Moving further, you will learn how the seven rays manifest through the seven energy centers of your being; how the four elements of the material world—fire, air, water and earth—correspond with the four bodies of yours and how those bodies constitute your aura.

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You will make a pilgrimage to the Inner Temple and discover the flame of God on the altar of your own heart. You will see the portrait of your Higher Self as your Self portrait and learn how to protect the Light that you are.

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Proceeding with your study, you will draw the spiral of your astrological chart and discover how you can become a psychologist, astrologist and psychotherapist for yourself able to take your own destiny under control;


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You will come to know the feminine aspect of God and realize that it is God as the Mother flame in you who is the actual Creator on the plane of matter;

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You will see into the very core of the ancient dilemma of good and evil, look at the face of your own “inner enemy” and acquire the weapon that will enable you to slay the dragon first within and then without;

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Freed from the duality within your being, you will understand the meaning of the surrender to the Will of God, and you will see how oneness with the Divine Will enables you to precipitate abundance and bring healing to yourself and all around you;

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You will take your rightful seat at the Table Round with the Knights of the Grail, undertake your holy quest for the sacred chalice and discover that the eternal source of abundance and immortality abides right here within your own heart;

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Like Gautama Buddha, you will sit under your own Bodhi Tree and receive the initiations leading to the Buddhic enlightenment;

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Like wise kabbalists of old, you will see the attributes of Godhead as the characteristics of your own being, and you will know how to become what you see;

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Like the Apostles of the Christ, you will feel the descent of the Holy Spirit upon you and will begin your world service practicing the sacred Gifts you are endowed with;

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You will come to understand your ascension as a life long mystery taking place each moment in the now and leading to the moment of your ultimate victory;

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You will know the true Freedom of those  whose sight is no longer obscured by the illusions of human creation because they have replaces those illusions with the Reality of their True Divine Being...


These are just some of the topics suggested for your consideration. There is still much, much more to discover and ponder…

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