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The two major misconceptions connected with the figure of Jesus and the role he played in the history of mankind are as follows:

  1. Jesus has atoned for our sins. Having laid down his life for us, he paid our debts, and if we want to save our souls all we have to do is believe in him and worship him as God.

  2. Jesus is the only Son of God, while all men embodied on earth are lesser creations, born in sin, crawling in the dust.


Let us consider these two points.


Under the law of karma, no one—not even a being of the highest level of attainment—can pay for someone else’s sins, or balance someone else’s karma. This is impossible in principle. All negative things that a man has done starting from his very first embodiment must be redone and cleaned up by his own hands.


If so, then what was Jesus’ sin-offering about?

what was Jesus’ sin-offering about?

Two thousand years ago, in the beginning of the era of Pisces the karma of mankind was so heavy that, if it had descended upon the people of earth as it was required by the Cosmic Law, it would have simply destroyed everything on the planet. Jesus undertook to carry the weight of mankind’s karma for two thousand years. By doing so, he postponed the descent of human karma and thereby provided the time necessary for mankind to perfect their consciousness and become mature enough to be able to balance their karma on their own.


Two thousand years have passed, and the time has come for a man on earth to take the responsibility for his own karma. Is he able to do this?

Each follower of Jeses is called to gain the mind “which was also in Christ Jesus”

Yes, he is. And even more than that, he must do it. This is exactly what Jesus’ teaching was about, for he came to earth not only to carry the weight of karma. By his very life and attainment he demonstrated to people of earth that which every individual can achieve if they choose reunion with God.

 Like each of us, Jesus embodied on earth repeatedly. Among his most well-known incarnations were the king-psalmist David and Elisha,  the pupil of  Elijah.  Just  like any other human being

embodied on earth, Jesus created negative karma and afterwards had to balance it. Life after life, overcoming difficult karmic situations, perfecting himself in love, mercy and forgiveness, he balanced his karma, and the culmination of this process took place during his last embodiment when he finally balanced 100 percent of his karma. He got free from his human creation that kept him bound to earth and ascended to the heart of God, i.e. passed from the physical plane to the level of higher vibration. (The more detailed information about the four quadrants of matter and corresponding levels of being will be provided in Chapter 12).


The conclusion the common consciousness drew from the fact of Jesus’ ascension was that he was the “exclusive” Son of God. However, what he really taught his followers was that each of them is called to gain the mind “which was also in Christ Jesus”, i.e. to purify and elevate their consciousness to such an extent that they can make the transition from the earthly level with all its burdens and grief and sorrows to the level of God-free beings not subject to the limitations of time and space.

So what do we have to do to achieve this? First, we look inside ourselves. For within every man’s heart, unseen by the physical eye and  imperceptible to electronic devices, dwells a particle of God’s own flame that was placed  there by the Creator himself as evidence and guarantee of man’s original divine nature.  This particle, although very tiny, is absolutely identical to the flame of the  Divine I AM Presence and to  the  flame of  the white  fire

A particle of God’s own flame was placed  in every man's heart by the Creator as evidence and guarantee of man’s original divine nature.

core of being which is the source of all creation. In the beginning this flame was unstained and pure.  It enveloped the whole physical form of a man who was literally a being of light. But when people began to misuse the light of God and pervert the divine energies, the flame in the heart began to reduce and finally became very small.  So now, in order to return to his original divine state, man on earth must purify and expand the divine spark enshrined in his heart. 

The heart of a man is connected to the I AM Presence by the crystal cord

On one of the following pages we will give a detailed explanation of what this flame looks like and what we should do in order to purify and perfect it. We will also explain a chart showing the connection of a man and different levels of his consciousness with his Divine Presence. We will do this as soon as we have introduced some more necessary concepts. But for the time being, let us consider this simplified diagram from which we can see that the heart of a man is connected to the I AM Presence by the crystal cord. By this cord, which is a “river of life” indeed, the energy of God descends from the sphere of Spirit into the sphere of Matter where the man dwells.  This divine light sustains the burning of  the  transcendent  flame within  man’s heart,  which in turn

sustains the beating of the physical heart and the functioning of all systems of man’s physical body.


When the flame in the heart is purified, expanded, and freed from the density of human creation, it enlarges, enfolds the physical form of a man and becomes first the Flame of Resurrection and then the Flame of Ascension.  The sequence of earthly reincarnation comes to its end, and the one who managed to overcome the limitations of the human nature transcends the level of earthly existence and gains immortality.


Jesus is not the only one who has achieved this.  Both before and after him numerous devotees and saints, known and unknown, underwent the sacred ritual of ascension and heard the words of the Father addressed to them: “This is my beloved son (my beloved daughter), in whom I am well pleased”. 

They are called the Ascended Masters because they have mastered the limited human nature and, having passed through the ritual of ascension, dwell now in the realms of Spirit.   Throughout the centuries they have worked with the most advanced people on earth delivering through prophets, messengers, and various enlightened ones the divine knowledge necessary for the development of this planet.  In  the second  half  of  the twentieth century, in the

Ascended Masters

critical moment of the end of the dark cycle of Kali Yuga that had lasted for 25800 years, they gave to mankind  a priceless compendium of divine wisdom that can usher this planet into the new golden age, if it is used properly. However, if mankind chooses to ignore this teaching, the consequences may be rather sad.


The divine knowledge they deliver through their messengers is known as the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

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