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El Morya

Some of the Ascended Masters are especially close to us.  El Morya is one of them. He was one of the three Wise Men who came to adore the newborn Jesus. He embodied as King Arthur who led the Knights of the Round Table in their quest of the Holy Grail. He came to the land of Mother Russia as Saint Sergius of Radohezh. He was Archbishop Thomas Becket and Sir Thomas More. During his last embodiment at the end of the nineteenth century, together with Mahatma K.H. (presently Ascended Master Kuthumi), he founded the Theosophical Society and  worked  with  Helena Blavatsky  conveying through her the

esoteric knowledge explaining the nature of things, the origin and evolution of the macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm of a man.  After his own ascension in 1898, El Morya continued the delivery of the sacred knowledge to mankind. Beginning in the 1920’s, he dictated through Nicholas and Helena Roerich the priceless books of Agni Yoga, or Yoga of Fire that constitutes the highest form of Yogic practice.

Helena Blavatsky

Among the Ascended Brotherhood who continue to work for the illumination of unascended mankind are such well-known figures as Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary and numerous saints of the Christian world. Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Zarathustra, Serapis of Egypt—all of them, although often considered by people of earth to be the founders of religions that are incompatible with each other, work together because the knowledge they bring to earth comes from the same Source. 


The Ascended Masters belong to the Cosmic Hierarchy of Light that is the universal chain of beings each of whom embodies a certain aspect of the consciousness of God. The position of an ascended being on the Hierarchic ladder is determined by the level of his or her attainment, i.e. by the extent to which he or she has transcended the limitations of the human nature and has become the manifestation of the pure Light of God.  Besides the Ascended Masters who have passed through a number of incarnations on earth and returned to the octaves of Light, there are other beings in Hierarchy who have never embodied  in human  form and therefore  have  never  created human

karma. Angels and Archangels have always been for the people of earth the most “comprehensible” representatives of Hierarchy.  They are our friends, assistants and protectors always ready to help.


Understanding of the I AM as the Presence of God individualized for each and everyone was given to mankind in the early 1930s through Gay and Edna Ballard, Messengers of the Ascended Hosts and leaders of the I AM Movement.


In the second half of the 20th century, at the end of the dark cycle, when the karma of mankind was descending with increasing intensity which might lead to the destruction of the planet, our friends from the octaves of Light came to assist us once again, teaching the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for holding the balance of the planet. 


In 1958 El Morya founded the Summit Lighthouse, the organization meant for the publishing of the Teachings given by the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings through the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Gautama Buddha

The Summit Lighthouse bridged the gap between Pisces and Aquarius and marked a turning point in the Ascended Masters’ activity on earth. The immense body of teaching that was delivered in the course of about 40 years contains essential knowledge that is necessary for personal and planetary transformation. The moment has come—and the Masters have told us it would come at some point—for the people of earth to accept this knowledge and make use of it. The time has come to take responsibility for our planet and our own spiritual path.

To some this might sound scary, but Divine mercy is infinite.  It not only gives us an opportunity for atonement but also provides numerous instruments and methods that help us achieve our goal as soon as possible. It sends us assistants who render their help lovingly and joyfully.  They are quite numerous, but some of them are especially close to us, and now we are going to get to know them better.


In the next chapter we will be introduced to the Lords of the Seven Rays.

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