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The Seven Aspects of the Consciousness of God

The pure white light of the white fire core of God contains within itself the infinity of the attributes of God in their indistinguishable oneness.  However, even as physical light passing through a prism refracts into seven spectral colors, the pure light of the consciousness of God gaining definiteness in the world of plurality manifests as seven Rays which are seven aspects  of  the consciousness  of God.  Each  Ray  has a certain

wavelength and frequency different from the others and represents a certain quality of God’s being and consciousness.


An Ascended Master, angel, or Cosmic Being is said to serve on a certain Ray if he or she has chosen to embody the quality of this Ray. Each of the Seven Masters we are about to meet represents a certain ray of God and serves mankind by sustaining and promoting the development of the corresponding quality in mankind’s consciousness. Each unascended chela of the Ascended Masters (a chela is a student of the Masters and their Teachings) is also called to serve on a certain ray. Some already know what their ray is, and some are going to discover this in the future. 


Here is the description of the Seven Rays and their qualities:

The First Ray  is blue. It  represents the Power and the Will of God.  It is the ray of statesmen, politicians, economists, military men, and those who guard and protect individuals and society as a whole. The Lord (or, as they would say in the East, the Chohan) of the first Ray is the Ascended Master El Morya. The blue flame of the will of God is the flame of protection. In moments of danger we call to Archangel Michael and his angels of blue flame who serve on the First Ray. In the physical world the vibration of the First Ray is focused by the crystals of sapphire and diamond.

El Morya in Darjeeling
Lord Lanto

The Second Ray, the Ray of Wisdom, is golden yellow. Those who serve on this ray work for enlightenment and education. Lord Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray, combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the teachings of the new age manifested in the Western hemisphere. The flame of wisdom is also represented by Archangel Jophiel and the angels of illumination. The gemstones that correspond with the Second Ray are yellow diamond, yellow sapphire, and topaz.

The third Ray is pink. This Ray of Love overshadows those who are called to convey the beautiful images reflecting the ideas of Divine Love through fine arts. Chohan of the Third Ray is Paul the Venetian, the divine artist who embodied as one of the greatest Renaissance masters Paolo Veronese. Archangel Chamuel and the angels of love bring the blessings of the Third Ray to each particle of life in the universe. The vibrations of the Ray of Divine Love crystallize on the physical level in the ruby, rose quartz, pink beryl, and garnet.

Pal the Venetian
Serapis Bey

The Fourth Ray represents the quality of Purity. The white flame is the flame of ascension, and Serapis Bey, the Lord of the Fourth Ray, receives those who have finished the round of earthly incarnations and are ready to ascend to the realms of Light. Gabriel, Archangel of the Fourth Ray, is also known as the angel of annunciation, for it was he who announced to Mary that she was going to give birth to the Divine Child. The flame of the Fourth Ray is crystallized in the gemstones of diamond, quartz and zircon. This flame is also known as the Flame of the Mother, and as such it has white pearls as its physical focus.

The Fifth Ray is the emerald green ray of Truth and Healing. The devotees of this ray are representatives of different branches of science, medicine and healing. They are tutored by Master Hilarion well known to the Christian world by his embodiment as the Apostle Paul.  The healing power of the fifth ray also comes to us through the immaculate heart of blessed Mother Mary, the merciful sponsor and protector of all who live on planet earth. Archangel Raphael and the healing angels serve together with Mary. The most popular gemstones of the Fifth Ray are jade and emerald.

Ascended Lady Master Nada

The Sixth Ray is purple and gold. Its way is the way of service, and it is followed by those whose calling is to serve the flame of God living in His creations. Lady Master Nada is the Chohan of the sixth ray. During her last embodiment she eschewed personal ambition, and instead dedicated her entire life to the prayer and service on behalf of her numerous brothers and sisters. This selflessness and service balanced her karma and brought her to the higher level of existence. Her angelic coworkers on the Sixth Ray are Archangel Uriel and his band of angels. The physical crystals bearing the vibrations of the Sixth Ray are topaz, ruby, alexandrite, diamond with pearl.

The Seventh Ray of the divine alchemy and transmutation is violet. It is represented by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe who amazed French society in the 18th century with miraculous alchemical transformations, the precipitation of riches, and the manifestation of wonders of longevity. As Jesus was the Hierarch of the two thousand year Piscean Age, Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the two thousand year Aquarian Age in which we find ourselves. He is assisted in his

Saint Germain

work by Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst and the angels of the violet flame. Amethyst, diamond and aquamarine are the gemstones focusing the frequencies of the Seventh Ray in the physical.

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