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The challenges mankind faces in the 21st century are unprecedented. With the economies going down, environment heavily polluted, terrorism threatening the world and military confrontation progressing, the situation is obviously going out of control, and we people of earth who have created this situation don't seem to be able to cope with it. Why?

We have a certain understanding of who we are, and we proceed from this understanding in all that we do, think and feel. Unfortunately, our understanding is wrong. No wonder that the results of our deeds, thoughts and feeling are wrong as well—and this will not change unless the old paradigm is changed.

Our entire perspective on ourselves must be turned around. But the popular New Age slogans, such as "Love each other" or "You are divine", won't suffice. What we need is a precise positive knowledge of what our true origin and nature is, how we got where we are now, and how we can return to our original divine state where we can exercise our lawful right for abundance, peace and harmony in all spheres of personal and social life.

The book you are about to open is an attempt to summarize the teaching that provides the knowledge in question.

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The Basics of the Cosmic Law Book Trailer

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Son or Daughter of God sharing responsibility for this world with Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha? Standing shoulder to shoulder with Archangel Michael, raising your flaming sword in defense of all that is pure and holy? Sending forth the Word of Creation and holding the entire planet within your magnanimous fiery heart?

This is not a fairy tale fantasy. This is the Truth of Who You Really Are. Your soul surely remembers it, event though your outer mind might’ve forgotten it. The Teaching given by the Ascended Masters brings it all back and enables you to transform your own life and to participate in the planetary transformation.

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Up to it? Then open the book, and let your journey start. Six hundred illustrations will make it smooth and exciting.

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