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All people strive for prosperity.  Prosperity in the larger sense is abundance in all spheres of life. We desire health, wealth, success in our endeavors, and happiness in private life.  These desires are lawful, for all children of God have a right to claim the abundance originally intended for them by their Creator.  

Unfortunately, this abundance does not always manifest fully in our lives. Some suffer from chronic shortage of money. Some lose interest in life   because   of    debilitating  diseases. Some,  unable  to  retain  their

family and loved ones, fall into despair. We each have our own problems. And we often don’t understand why these problems occur in our lives. At times they strike us like a bolt from the blue.  We ask “Why?”—particularly when we feel we have done nothing wrong! We feel we deserve a better lot! And century after century, millennium after millennium the same question echoes down the corridors of history: “O my Lord, why?” 


People have always suspected that the answer can be found somewhere beyond the boundaries of the visible material world, and they tried to find this answer in the wisdom of ancient teachings. Well, it is there indeed, but the way to it is often obscured and blocked by the obstacles created by human consciousness.

Throughout the centuries God has sent to earth His messengers, such as Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed. Each of them in his turn expressed universal laws in their original purity, and these laws formed the base of a certain religion. The goal was to provide people of earth with knowledge that would help them attune their  lives with universal principles, find harmony within themselves, come into harmony with the universe, and thereby attain that abundant—in all aspects—life that had always been the object of their desires.

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This pure knowledge contained within itself the answers to all questions but, unfortunately, it lost its original purity very quickly. The human consciousness tends to measure all things by the measure of its own understanding, which is rationalistic and earthly. In the process of such adjustment the universal concepts were distorted until they ultimately lost their original sacred meaning. The live Spirit became the dead letter, and its miraculous transfiguring power was lost.


The formal teachings of the formal religions could not give answers to the seekers’ questions. People of earth forgot that all true spiritual teachings come from the same source and therefore are identical in their inner essence. Each one claimed his religion to be the only true religion, and followers of other religions were labeled pagans or heretics or infidels.

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However, life on earth, following the rhythms of cosmos, passes through certain cycles. The twentieth century came to its end, and together with it ended the age of Pisces, the époque that started with Jesus’ coming and lasted for two thousand years.  Earth entered the age of Aquarius, which has the potential to be the golden age for the planet and all thereon. The age of Aquarius presents to each one of us and to mankind as a whole wonderful opportunities never seen  before.  It  is up  to us to  make  use of  the

knowledge that is released to us once again. 


At the end of the age of Pisces, during the period of transition mankind has been given a universal Teaching providing man with a clear understanding of his own nature and the nature of the world in which he lives. This teaching explains with precision where the disharmony causing problems in our life comes from, and it teaches concretely what we should do in order to remove this disharmony.  Mathematical exactness is combined in it with the infinite creativity of Spirit.  It is universal indeed, for it gathers together and reduces to a common denominator the fragments of the true knowledge scattered over the numberless pages of numberless books and provides a man with a true understanding of his own true nature.  It supplies each one with knowledge of his own forces and with an understanding of his calling not only in his present life but also in his life in Eternity.

This Teaching given through the Messengers (individuals especially trained to receive and release the divine knowledge) will be the subject of our consideration on the following pages. The information given to mankind is massive, and its greater part has not been even published yet. The present notes are meant to be a leading thread which will help you to not get lost in a sea of information, and which will help you find that which you personally need.


We will move from one theme to another step by step.

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