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—Because they have deprived themselves of this opportunity—fortunately, not forever.

Why Can't People Fly?

The energy, or the Light of God that the man receives from the I AM Presence is the source of man’s existence in the plane of matter.  His body, his thoughts and feelings, and all that surround him in his life—ultimately all these things are various modifications of the Divine Light flowing continuously from the Divine Presence.

Whatever we do in the outer, the inner process is always the same: each moment we receive a certain amount of Light and utilize it in this or that way, or qualify it, i.e. give it a certain quality. 


We have a right to do this because we have a gift of free will given to us by the Creator himself. According to the Cosmic Law, a human being evolving in the plane of matter has a right to use the divine Light flowing to him from the sphere of Spirit according to his own choice and understanding, and no one in the whole universe, including the Supreme Godhead, can prevent him from doing so.


And how can we use the Divine Light?—In fact, there are only two ways: either for good or for evil. If we use this light in accordance with the principles of God-Good  (simply speaking, if we observe the basic moral principles formulated, for instance, by the Ten Commandments  or by the Golden Rule  which enjoins you to treat people as you would like them to treat you),  its original purity does not undergo any change. It remains the same white light with the same frequency as in the beginning. It spirals up freely, returning from the lower point in the matter sphere to its source in the upper sphere of Spirit. This is that very pure process of the energy interchange from plus to minus and from minus to plus that was described at the end of the previous chapter.

But what happens when by our free will we direct divine energy to manifest destruction and hatred, qualifying it as anger, judgment, envy, pride, selfishness etc?

Any misqualification of the Light of God causes its perversion that manifests as the lowering of its frequency and the loss of its original momentum.  The wave of light that has descended from the highest point of Alpha to the lowest point of Omega slows down and no longer has a sufficient impulse to be able to ascend back to its divine source. Instead, it begins to spin below like coils of a serpent winding round the earthly form of a man.  Thus it forms that which is known as electronic belt.

Wher the electroinc belt coms from
Electronic Belt

The electronic belt is shaped as a kettle drum and comprises within itself all the energies that a man has ever misqualified and perverted by his free will. The spirals of the electronic belt carry the information about all these perversions, or the records of these perversions.


The energies of the electronic belt polluted by the vibrations of the negative thoughts, feelings and deeds are dense and heavy. The man gets stuck in them as if it was a block of concrete, and it is these energies that subject him to the law of gravitation and prevent him from rising above the earth both in literal and allegorical sense.

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