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The One God

The only axiom we need to accept is the existence of God.  The rest will be revealed to anyone who will open his consciousness to His Light and His Wisdom.


It is hardly possible that someone in the beginning of the 21st century would describe God as an anthropomorphic being seated on a cloud and sending to His creation now thunderbolts of terrible anger and then merciful currents of infinite grace.  We  need  to tap

into a deeper understanding if we are to grasp not the outer allegory but the inner sense.

The One, The Undivided, The Unconditional, The Absolute Good and the Absolute Beginning of all things—a Christian calls Him the Almighty Creator, a Hindu knows Him as Brahman, a Jewish mystic names Him Ein Sof. The names are different, but the meaning is the same: the absolute source of being, the beginning of all things, the Absolute Good and Absolute Truth. If we now turn to the terminology that is more familiar to the contemporary ear, we will say that God is the primordial universal source of energy—“the


giver of all”, for ultimately we ourselves and all our surroundings are but different modifications of the divine energy. 

All Western theologians of all époques faced the same problem: since the number of the attributes of God is infinite, we will never be able to list them all, and therefore we will never be able to formulate an exhaustive definition of God.  As a matter of fact, it is impossible to deFINe something that is INFINite, for any deFINition is making FINinte.  The followers of the Eastern religions have always been in a better position, as their approach is based on the intuitive comprehension rather than rational reasoning.

Moses in Front of the Burning Bush - the Name of God I AM THAT I AM

However, God is able to adjust to any way of thinking, and He gave to Western man that which he needed—the name that constitutes the exhaustive definition of the Godhead.


When Moses asked God to reveal His name, so that the prophet could convey it to his people, God answered: I AM THAT I AM.


The left part of this phrase is the same as the right one, or, in terms of formal logic, the  subject  and the predicate  are identical.  This  is  the

only way to express the infinite in the frames of rational thinking and language.

This definition—the name of God I AM THAT I AM (or, in its short form, I AM) is crucial for man’s understanding of his real nature, and it will play the key role in our further discourse.

The White Fire Core of Being

The Divine Source in its purest essence is traditionally represented by a circle. It is the beginning of the world, the pure energy, Light in its limitless intensity and original purity. This unconditioned beginning of all, the center of the purest fire of the One, is called the White Fire Core of Being.

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