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An image illustrates a paragraph while a paragraph describes an image… Their roles in the book are equally important, and therefore this page belongs both to the Basics and the Gallery sections of the site…

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“…Let us look at our figure eight chart again. The descending flow from above can be represented as a descending triangle of Spirit, and the ascending flow from below as an ascending triangle of Matter…And the glistening white fire point in the center of the interlaced triangles is the fiery Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, the God in heaven (Spirit) and the God on earth (Matter) as one—as above, so below.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law

Chapter 15: Where Heaven Meets the Earth

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“The figure eight flow from spirit to matter and back, when seen from the “inside” of the material sphere, turns out to be the figure eight flow from the upper chakras to the lower and back…And if we now repeat our exercise with the two triangles converging—the descending one going down and the ascending one up—we will see that they meet at the level of the heart.”

@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law

Chapter 15: Where Heaven Meets the Earth

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"The only way to enter the heart is through meditation… Meditation is truly an intermediary activity, for when we meditate, we go between different planes of being and actually bridge the gap between dimensions. From the dimension of physical existence and mental reasoning we reach out to the dimension of Spiritual Reality. It is one thing to have a theoretical, intellectual knowledge of the fire of God. It is quite another to experience it in meditation. In meditation we see God face to face".


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law

Chapter 16: The Pilgrimage to the Inner Temple

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“Millions of people all over the world pray to the blessed Virgin, and their prayers never remain unanswered. Beloved Mother Mary and her twin flame Archangel Raphael together hold a tremendous focus of the healing emerald flame, so when we call to them and their Healing Angels, we receive the impetus of their joint momentum of the most powerful healing energy.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 50

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“Surrender is the key point in our relationship with God. And there is no way to establish such relationship other than through the Lamb who is worthy to approach the Great White Throne (see Chapter 54). This means that we surrender to God through our surrender to the Christ consciousness in us… Our Holy Christ Self (which, as we remember, is not an entity separate from us but the Divine aspect of our own consciousness) is our inner Teacher, the one through whom the “still small voice” of God speaks to us. Our Holy Christ Self is our inner guru.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 55

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“The absolute peace of Nirvana is sometimes interpreted as absolute passivity, but such is not the case. The one who achieves oneness with God attains infinite God power, and therefore Nirvana is the most active state of all that we can imagine. In our human consciousness activity associates with a lot of effort because we have to continuously break through the density of our world. The intensity of Nirvana is of a different nature: it is effortless and therefore limitless. So the greatest power is the power of divine peace, and the most powerful action is the action performed from the center of the peace of the Buddha.”

@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 52

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The flesh and blood resurrection is not what the true spiritual teaching is about. It is about the resurrection of the soul, for when the mortal lesser self is transmuted and replaced by the immortal Higher Self, the soul is reborn unto eternal life… This final initiation is the test of the maturity of the soul preparing to step into immortality. At this moment of transition from illusion into Reality the soul is no longer a child lead by the hand of the Father; it is God in his own right claiming His rightful place and rising to that place by the power of the Light that He is.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 61

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“These precious beings, whose God given function is to grow marvelous crystals of gemstones in the depth of the mountain caves and tend the golden light of the Christ condensed in shiny gold nuggets,  are forced to deal with the contamination of the soil instead. Billions of gnomes work day and night removing poisonous substances that can harm our physical bodies. In fact, they save us from the consequences of our own unwise behavior.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 24

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“Obedience to the will of the guru is the requirement of the guru-chela relationship. This is understandable because through surrender to the will of the guru we surrender to the will of God. However, this principle works only for the inner spiritual relationships of the students with their ascended gurus. There are human “gurus” who demand obedience to their human personality, but this is nothing but a perversion of the divine office of the guru. There are also false gurus representing the false hierarchy—some information about those can be found in Chapter 66.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 55

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“The Solar Plexus Chakra… is both an indicator and regulator of our emotional balance… As long as our solar plexus chakra is polluted with the misused energies of our human creation of anger and other negative emotions, we are trapped at the human level of being. And only when we purify the solar plexus and restore the divine purity of its divine energies do our human feelings and desires turn into the feelings and desires of God.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 13

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“Saul was converted on his way to Damascus… The divine light came from heaven, and Saul heard the voice of Jesus speaking to him.  Saul was blinded by the light and was not able to see for three days while his conversion was taking place… This fact is highly symbolic. He lost his physical eye sight, i.e. the two-eyed vision of his proud human self, and gained the single-eye vision of his own Christ nature. He received that vision through the All Seeing Eye of God in the third eye chakra. Thus Saul the Pharisee became Paul the Apostle.” 


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 50

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“Let your use of the healing flame and healing thought form be creative… The flames of God are joyful and playful, so play with them, just don’t forget to align your calls with the Divine Will. Always remember that it is not your lower human self but God in you who is the doer.”


@ The Basics of the Cosmic Law, Chapter 50

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